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We have been frequently asked by our customers on our price competitiveness and perhaps this is a good opportunity for us to show you what you pay and what you will be getting.

As a small business, our reputation matters, we are not as big or as established as our competitors and we need to make sure that we are able to stand behind the products that we are selling. This post is not to belittle the products of our competitors but to provide some insight on some minor details (which matters) that sometimes we have overlooked or being over-shadowed by the price factor.

Below you will be able to see the difference for yourself. There are other products (not shown here), which the differences can only be felt, if you compare the products side by side. The most evident will be those with mechanical pumping system.

Disc Cap

Our disc cap can be half-open at a locked position or fully opened. The half-open at locked position is useful to avoid struggling to find the right opening when you only need small amount of lotion or liquid.



We find that the rubber part of our dropper is more "rubbery" and responsive. Also note the dropper's glass end.


Essential Oil Glass Bottle

Noticed the difference in the colour saturation?





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