Sage Hydrosol


Sage Hydrosol has properties including anti-inflammatory and soothing. It is also an antioxidant, helping to act against free radicals to prevent the premature appearance of signs of aging. Sage also helps in controlling the production of sebum, thus allowing to sanitize the skins with imperfections.

Made from Canadian grown fresh common sage, steam distilled right after hand harvesting. It has zero additives and preservatives. Herbs grown indoors, free of contaminants, disease, pesticides and chemical sprays. The plant is grown with non GMO, organic seeds.

Typical applications include: 

- Face care (face creams, serums, purifying tonics, oils, face masks, lotions, cleansing gels, scrubs)

- Body care (mists, exfoliants); Hair care (shampoos, hair lotions)

- Hygiene (deodorants)

Suitable for most skin types, especially mature, combination to oily, acne-prone, dull and sensitive skin; Also for all hair types, especially oily, dull and damaged hair.

INCI: Salvia Officinalis Water

CAS No: 84082-79-1

Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Country of Origin: Canada

Preservatives: Does not contain preservatives

Cautions: Sage oil hydrosols should be used sparingly and with caution by women who are pregnant or nursing and for young children.

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