New Products - Oval Lip Gloss Tube: Natural, Black & White

new product oval lip balm tube oval lip gloss tube

Oval Lip Gloss Tube @ 4.5g Diameter: 2cm x 1.3cm Height (cap till bottom): 6.7cm The tubes come in natural, white and black colour. Also introducing the black beauty..... Apart from the aesthetic look and feel in your hand, what other considerations you need to take note when buying lip gloss tubes? Please take special note on the inner cup, tubes from certain suppliers does not go all the way down, thus not optimising the fill-up of your lip balm/gloss. Some does not go all the way up, wasting your lip balm/gloss. The oval lip gloss tubes we supply goes...

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Why we think our soap stamps make good print?

Good Print Soap Stamp

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