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Chromium Oxide Green - 10g

Chromium Oxide Green - 10g


Chromium Oxide Green is a matte flat pure green pigment. Excellent for formulating matte eyeshadows and adjusting hues in foundations and bronzers. Added to a base it also makes a very good green corrector to tone down redness of the skin.

Very stable and non-bleeding for use in soap.

Weight: 10g

Its colour intensity is too strong to be used directly on the skin and it should be used sparingly as a colour additive to a recipe.

Chromium Oxide Green                                

CI. Number

C.A.S. No.

Pigment Green 17 (77288)


Physical Properties



Primary Particle Size


Bulk Density

Dry powder

Green powder


5.2 Gram per milliliter

1.0-1.3 Gram per milliliter

Chemical Specifications

Cr2O3 Content

Lead (as Pb) Arsenic (as As)

Mercury (as Hg)


Chromium Water

Soluble Matter

97% Minimum

10 ppm max

3 ppm max

1 ppm max

5 ppm max

1.0% Maximum

Resistance Properties



Acid (Dilute) Alkali (Dilute) Solvent


Excellent Good Good Excellent

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