Foaming Bath Butter - (Crystal OPC)


Our Foaming Bath Butter is Paraben-Free and Propylene Glycol Free. With the demand for skin care products to be as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible, Stephenson has developed a new formulation for its Foaming Bath Butter.

This is the latest technology in cream soap. It offers both versatility and true luxury. It cleanses while moisturizing, and has a very mild pH of 5.5 - perfect for facial applications.

This product still maintains high performance and stability and does not compromise on quality. As a base it provides an entire world of possibilities: whipped into a parfait, colored and layered, as a bath butter, as a body meringue, and as a sugar or salt scrub! The list is endless. Easily add essential oils, fragrant oils, other natural butter, and other cream and lotion base with this product you are limited only by your imagination!

 Carrier Oils - Adding up to 2oz (60ml) of carrier oils (Grape Seed, Evening Primrose, Sweet Almond, Avocado, or Sea Buckthorn if you're looking for a really exotic product!) per pound of the base has made the foaming bath butter more moisturizing, particularly on products being applied to the face.
 Sugar / Salt - Sugar or salt can be added until the product becomes supersaturated. Once the salt or sugar stops melting, it will remain in crystal form and act as a wonderful exfoliator.
 Fragrance - The Foaming Bath Butter is incredibly robust, and will accept a fragrance load of up to 5% essential oil or fragrant oil. Consumer applications indicate a load of 2 to 3% is preferred.
 Other Butters and Bases - Try adding Shea, Mango, or Cocoa Butter, or try adding some of our exotic Amazonian Butters! The Foaming Bath Butter will also accept small amounts of other creams, lotions, and moisturizers!

A Product Advisory: Whenever you purchase anything in block size, particulate matter will gravitate to the bottom during the pour, just as long-chain fatty acids will gravitate to the bottom of a barrel, making the oil less viscous at the top, and even tar-like at the bottom. For this reason, we recommend cutting or scooping down to the bottom of the product, and not just skimming the material from across the top. In this way, the end product should have the consistency you expect throughout the use of the whole block.

Please Note: To achieve smooth consistency without any gritty or grainy texture, melt the base above 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees C.).

Caution: Foaming Bath Butter will double in volume when whipped using a blender or cake mixer. However, it can collapse if whipped to more than double its original volume. Under no circumstances should this product be discharged at temperatures higher than 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees C.); 118 degrees F is the preferred temperature. At temperatures below 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees C.), the product hardens.

IMPORTANT NOTE: New packaging for this product has instructions to melt the product, which may then be poured into molds or blended into other M&P bases to increase lather. However, the product may continue to be used as is or whipped while cold for creamy formulations – heating it is not necessary.

Weight: 1kg block

Country of origin: United Kingdom

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