Golden Baby Blush - 10g


Is it a gold or is it a pink? Actually both, rub this pastel pink across your skin and look at it in the light and you will see how it glistens gold at one angle and pink at another - so pretty!

Weight: 10g

Lip Safe: Yes

Coloured Mica 'Golden Baby Blush'


INCI Names

C.A.S. Nos.

Titanium Dioxide - Mica - Iron Oxide

13463-67-7 - 12001-26-2 - 1309-37-1

Formulation Range

Mica (C.I. 77019)

Titanium Dioxide (C.I. 77891)

Iron Oxide (C.I. 77491)

68.0 - 74.0%

25.0 - 31.0 %

< 1%

Physical Properties



Average Particle Size

Dry powder

Pink gold powder


Microbial Purity

Total Viable Aerobic Count