Metal Tin (Matte Black) with Screw Lid - 100g / 3.53oz (Full Case of 200pcs)


This metal tin with screw lid is elegant and presentable. It is ideal for balms, lip gloss, salves, solid perfume, and other wax based products.

Quantity: 200pcs

Material: Metal

Size: 100g / 3.53oz

Colour: Matte Black

Lid Type: Screw Type Metal Lid

Diameter: 87 mm / 3.43"

Height: 27 mm / 1.06"

Maximum Top Label Diameter: 77mm

Maximum Bottom Label Diameter: 62mm

*Due to the color of the metal tin, every small imperfections are visible. By ordering this product, you need to be ready to accommodate to some cosmetic imperfections to some of the tins due to handling and shipping.