Silver Green - 10g


A very high sparkle silver coloured mica with just a hint of green, part of our Silver Sparks Collection.

As with all of our cosmetic grade coloured micas, Silver Green contains no artificial dyes and is a stunning natural colourant that can be used in a wide range of cosmetic applications. Ideal for use in lotions, creams, nail varnish, soaps, eyeshadows.......

Weight: 10g

Coloured Mica 'Silver Green'                       

INCI Names

 C.A.S. Nos.

Mica - Titanium Dioxide - Chromium Oxide Green Iron Oxide - Tin Oxide

12001-26-2 - 13463-67-7 - 1308-38-9 - 1317-61-9 - 18282-10-5

Formulation Range

Mica (C.I. 77019)

Titanium Dioxide (C.I. 77891)

Chromium Oxide Green (C.I. 77288)

Iron Oxide (C.I. 77499)

Tin Oxide (C.I. 77861)

63.0 - 75.0 %

27.0 - 40.0 %




Physical Properties



Average Particle Size

Dry powder

Light silver green powder


Microbial Purity

Total Viable Aerobic Count