Soft Xanthan Gum


Our Soft Xanthan Gum is derived from fermentation of Xanthamonas campestris bacteria. It can be used as a thickener or rheology modifier and emulsion stabilizer in cosmetic application. 

This cosmetic grade xanthan gum has been specially formulated to reduce the string effect present with food grade Xanthan Gums, and offers a softer finish on the skin.

Apart from providing thickening and suspending capabilities, it will also maintain a clear appearance.

Appearance: Off White to Tan Powder


– Manageable smooth viscosity increase
– Emulsion stability
– Crystal clarity and transparency
– Can be used at low levels.
– Ability to suspend beads, exfoliators, and actives
– Compatible with sulfate free systems

Usage Guidelines:

– pH (1% Soln.): 5.1 – 8.1
– Recommended usage level at 0.25-2.0% in formulations
– In formulations, add directly into water phase at room temperature

California (Proposition 65) - This product does not contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or toxicity at levels above the "no significant risk levels".

  • No animal testing has been conducted on this product for use in cosmetics
  • Non-GMO
  • This product is Kosher & Halal certified and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
  • This product is not formulated with palm oil.

INCI:  Xanthan Gum

CAS#: 11138-66-2

Safety Datasheet