Water Soluble Dye - Acid Green 25 (Jade Green)


Water Soluble Dye - Acid Green 25 (Jade Green)

Form: Powder

CI Name: Acid Green 25 

CI Number: 61570 

CAS Number:  4403-90-1


Packing: Plastic bag

Batch certified: No

Usage Rate:  You may use between 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of dye per kg of baking soda, depending on your colour boldness preference.

Blooming your dye: Taking small amount of dye and add just enough water or witch hazel to dissolve the dye powder. You may stir to help dissolving the dye powder.  

You then pour the dissolved dye into the baking soda and mix thoroughly until it’s evenly coloured.

Always wear gloves as our dyes are very concentrated and will stain your skin.

The dye in powder form might look different from the dissolved dye in water. The most accurate test of what the dye looks like would be in water.

Ideal for bath bombs, bath salt, melt and pour soap, etc.