Allantoin Powder


Allantoin is a well recognized and largely used skin protectant for personal care and dermatological preparations. It is an effective healing agent that stimulates cell proliferation and healthy tissue formation.

Applied to injured skin it promotes the regeneration of damaged epithelium and accelerates wound healing. A pronounced moisturizing effect results from its ability to increase the water binding ability of the stratum corneum which in turn improves skin appearance. It is also an anti-irritant & soothing agent, helping to relieve irritated skin, itching and redness. Also reduces the irritant potential of certain cosmetic ingredients such as surfactants, by forming complexes and neutralizing them.

Allantoin is effective at low concentrations. It is typically used in cosmetics at 0.1-0.5%,
although the use levels can be increased to 2%. FDA approved applications include minor cuts, scrapes, burns, sunburn, fever blister, diaper rash and chaffed, chapped cracked or wind burned skin and lips.

» Skin care (face, lip, body, hands)
» Hair care
» Shaving products
» Baby care
» Sun care
» Bath products
» Oral care

INCI: Allantoin

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