Coppery Blush - 40g


A warm coppery coloured mica with a pinky blush undertone and a metallic sheen. Our coloured micas that are metallic in nature are also lower in micron size which in turn gives them much higher coverage. This not only makes them stunning in eyeshadows and lipsticks but quite spectacular in a nail polish base.

Weight: 40g

Lip Safe: Yes

Coloured Mica 'Coppery Blush'


INCI Names

C.A.S. Nos.

Mica - Iron Oxide

12001-26-2 - 1309-37-1

Formulation Range

Iron Oxide (C.I. 77491)

Mica (C.I. 77019)

50.0 - 56.0 %

44.0 - 50.0 %

Physical Properties



Average Particle Size

Volatile (105 C)

Oil absorption

Dry powder

Copper coloured powder


0.5% max


Microbial Purity

Total Viable Aerobic Count