Glamour - Bronze - 10g


Our Bio-Glitter Glamour Bronze has the most sparkle compared to other types of Bio-Glitter. It has solid colours which look the same viewed at any angle

Chunky bio-glitter, best used for surface decoration. You get a high intensity sparkle effect on the surface of soap.

  • 100% plastic free.
  • Very soft tactile feel unlike poly glitter which is slightly abrasive.
  • Manufactured using earth friendly pigments not dyes.
  • Higher adhesion to any surface than poly glitter.
  • Non-flammable so can be used for candle decoration.
  • Solvent resistant so can be used in applications like resin art.

Weight: 10g

Lip Safe: Yes

Glamour Series - Bronze

INCI Names

C.A.S. Nos.

Synthetic Mica / Iron Oxide

2003-38-2 / 1309-37-1

Physical Properties



Particle Size Range


Light Bronze

80-400 µm

Microbial Purity

Total Viable Aerobic Count


Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Staphylococcus aureus

Salmonella species

Candida albicana

<100 CFU/g

Absent in 1g

Absent in 1g

Absent in 1g

Absent in 10g

Absent in 1g

Heavy Metals

As             < 2.0 ppm

Ba             < 50.0 ppm

Cd            < 2.0 ppm

Cr             < 20.0 ppm

Cu             < 50.0 ppm

Hg            < 1.0 ppm

Ni              < 8.0 ppm

Pb            < 10.0 ppm

Sb            < 1.0 ppm

Zn             < 50.0 ppm