LUMOROL K 5229 is a water-free surfactant blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants. It is free of diethanolamine and was specially developed for water-free formulations such as shower oils or oil foam baths. It also provides clear shower and bath oil formulations.

During usage the dilution in water causes a change into a classical white O/W emulsion. This means the blend turns into a white foaming emulsion when applied to wet skin.

LUMOROL K 5229 is clearly soluble in any kind of oil in nearly every concentration. Although final products contain a high amount of oil, good foaming properties can be achieved.

Active ingredient: 93%
Anionic active matter: 43%
Water Content: 1.5%
pH value (10%): 

Appearance: Clear, yellow liquid

INCI:  Laureth-4 (and) MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol

Storage:  Extended storage at temperatures below 25C may cause turbidity resp. sedimentation which can be removed by stirring and heating up to 30C without influence on quality. 

The manufacturer recommended the use of low speed blender RPM (5 to 800) to mix ingredients and avoid creating foam (happens when running blender at high RPM). However, our prior experience working with this product has shown mixing extensively and mechanically is not always required. Mixing time depends on the formula, size of batch and other parameters such as polar and non-polar oils (non-polar are easier to emulsify such as mineral oil).

Safety Datasheet