Melt & Pour Soap Base - Clear


Our Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base is a versatile soap base that is melted and poured into a mold or soap tray of your choice. Melt and pour soap bases can be used as is or customized by adding an essential oil, fragrance oil or colorant of your choice. This product carries a neutral odor, allowing you to create a wide range of end-products with varying colors and aromas or even added particles such as ground coffee beans or cocoa nibs to yield exfoliating properties. Melt and pour soap bases are easy to work with and used throughout the cosmetic and personal-care manufacturing industries. Its high glycerin content yields moisturizing properties along with natural foaming capabilities, making it a desired soap base for small at-home soap makers to large-scale production.

It cleanses without stripping or upsetting the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft, healthy looking skin. And, since we don't use animal oils, our soap rinses clean and leaves no soapy film behind. All our soap bases are produced with high-quality raw materials to form a luxurious lather and sparkling clarity.

Weight: 1kg block

Usage: A two pound brick can make between 10 - 20 soaps, depending on the size of the soap you’re trying to make.

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Note: The Melt & Pour Bases contain water as part of the formula. So if they are left exposed to the atmosphere, the water will evaporate and the bar of soap will shrink. We would recommend fully wrapping the ENTIRE soap bar as soon as it is poured and cooled to minimize/eliminate any shrinkage.

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